Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Crazy Date Crazy Teens Auction Norton Records Benefit

Hurricane Sandy left many victims in its wake. The Norton Records’ warehouse in Brooklyn was flooded, and most of their stock was destroyed, or severely damaged, as was described on the Nortonville blog in this Huffington Post article.


FINAL WINNING BID is $235.  Congratulations to the winner, thank you to everyone who participated!!
To bid email with the following: your name, bid amount, email address and mailing address, (see bottom of the page for full terms).

Dave Reynolds photo by Susan Reynolds
Dave penned the cult classic rock n' roll song, “Crazy Date” with his sister. The original 45 is insanely rare, recorded at the Scott Recording Laboratory near the Tuscaloosa Airport in 1959.

As they have done for so much other great but hard to find music over their 26 year history, Norton Records reissued “Crazy Date” and helped to get the song into record collections of fans all over the world. Their existing stock of these 45s was damaged, and the sleeves destroyed.

Dave and Susan Reynolds have generously made this possible as a benefit for Norton Records. The photo of Dave is included to verify that he did indeed sign the photo and record.

Dave does not normally do signings, and no future ones are planned, so this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to help Norton Records, and receive a priceless, autographed photo of Dave Reynolds and the Crazy Teens AND autographed copy of the Norton "Crazy Date" 45.

 The 8 1/2 x 11 inch photo is a genuine silver gelatin reprint of high resolution scans of photos from Dave Reynolds' personal collection, signed by him. The 45 is a Norton Records split single with "Crazy Date" by the Crazy Teens on one side and "The Walk" by the Volk Brothers on the other side. The record is in near mint condition with minor sleeve scuffing and the sleeve has slight shelf wear.
Click on the photos below to enlarge them.

 By bidding in this auction you are agreeing to the following terms:
  1. Bidding opens Tuesday, December 11 at 12:00 PM Central Standard Time. The auction ends on Tuesday, December 18 at 12:00 PM Central Standard Time. No bids will be considered after 12:00 PM December 18. Winning bidder will be notified no later than December 19, the package will be mailed as soon as possible after payment has been received.
  2. To bid email with the following: your name, bid amount, email address and mailing address
  3. Minimum bid is $25
  4. Bidding is not incremental – meaning the amount you bid is the amount you will pay if you are the highest bidder.
  5. You are welcome to bid as many times as you want until the auction end time at 12PM CST on Tuesday December 18th.
  6. High bid will be posted as close to 12 PM each day as possible, so check this page for updates.
  7. This page may be updated or revised during the auction period.
  8. Winning bid and shipping charges must be paid in US Dollars via Paypal.
  9. Shipping charges will be added to the winning bid as follows:
    • USA Winner adds $5.90 for USPS Priority shipping, $5.75 First-Class International to Canada and $11.60 First-Class International everywhere else. ITALIAN BIDDERS: Shipping to Italy requires Express Mail for $40.00. Shipping to Italy is EMS-only for $40.00.
    • INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: If the package is valued at $50.00 or more, or if you are in any country in Africa/China/Southeast Asia, the package must be sent First-Class International ($11.60) AND registered for an additional $11.99. If the package is valued at $100.00 or more, then it must be shipped Express Mail for $40.00. Shipping to Italy is EMS only.
    • Please be advised that full value will be declared on all customs forms - to declare a lower value or declare a package as a "gift" as this is illegal with severe penalties. Customers are responsible for any taxes or tariffs levied upon their purchase by their local customs office and are not included in the shipping charge.
Special thanks to Lars Espensen, George Hadjidakas, Dave and Susan Reynolds and Lori Watts.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Phil Cay and the Blue Notes

A native of Jacksonville, FL. Phil Cay began his recording career with Phil Cay and the Blue Notes in Birmingham in the late 1950's.

Above: Ray McStevension, Phil Cay, Dale Dunkin, Johny Bowman, Jimmie Davidson.  According to Phil, this was the original Phil Cay and the Blue Notes, photo taken at the American Legion, Lakeshore Blvd. This photo was taken in 1958 and it was the first gig they played.  They were discovered there by Henry Hartzog of Hart Records. They recorded over 15 records from 1958 to 1965.

The first record by Phil Cay and the Blue Notes was "Meet Me in the Barnyard", on Hart.  This fun rocker featured Vince Oliver on sax and an ending of canned farm animal sounds.

Above, Vince Oliver playing with the Blue Notes.  These days, Vince Oliver can usually be found at his barbershop in Birmingham (http://www.bhamwiki.com/w/Hippodrome_Barber_Shop_)

Here's "Meet Me at the Barnyard", recorded 1958 and 59, released on Hart.

"Take My Everything" released 1959 on Hart

More information on Phil Cay is here: http://alabamamusicoffice.com/artists-a-z/c/2759-cay-phil-

Thursday, August 9, 2012

BRC Record Show Aug 18-19, 2012

It's time to get ready for this year's Birmingham Record Collectors (BRC) Record Show at The Cedars Club, 310 Green Springs Avenue South, in Birmingham.

The show is the largest in the Southeast and will host 90 vendors from the US and Europe will be offering CDs, vinyl in every format and music memorabilia from a range of genres and periods.   It will run 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturday and 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Sunday.   There will be plenty of sweet deals on great music to be had, and refreshments will be available.  Admission is $3 and parking is free.

The 1960s garage band The Ramblers and drummer and founder of booking agency Southeast Attractions, Bunky Anderson will be inducted into the BRC Hall of Fame.

Invite your friends on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/139784592826961/

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bassmen and Ramblers August 18 at Workplay

The Bassmen and The Ramblers are performing on Saturday August 18 at Workplay in Birmingham.  The Ramblers will be inducted into the Birmingham Record Collectors Hall of Fame the next day - August 19.  Congratulations to The Ramblers!

Alabama Garage, Surf, Punk Compilation

Here's a great Kickstarter project by Alabamian Jason Worley.  It's a vinyl compilation featuring some of the most primitive Garage Rock & Roll, the wildest reverb drenched Surf riffs, and the fastest frantic Punk songs coming out of Alabama right now! 

These bands are keeping the flame of the venerable musical traditions of the blues, old time and rock and roll.

He's going to press as many records as you make possible, and give those not pre-sold to the bands. Free. So they can sell them. For 100% profit. That's right. Your money is going directly to provide killer bands with killer merch. Merch they can sell to put gas in their tank. Merch they can use to book shows. Merch that will raise awareness as far as these comps travel!

For a little as $5 donation you can vote for a band you think should be included in the compilation.  Check out the project page for the complete dope.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Local Legend Benefits From Sale Of His Music

By Ray Edwards

Alabama Piano Legend Bobby Mizzell was born in Childersburg in 1937. Before he reached 21 he had his own radio show, had won a TV talent contest playing “Tommy Dorsey’s Boogie Woogie”, and had formed his own Kim record label. He also had recorded what is still considered by many to be one of the greatest piano rockabilly songs ever: “Knockout.”

Bobby joined with his close friend, Alabama’s Lee Woodard to put out classic songs such as “Heart And Soul”, and “Same Thing.” This record on the Birmingham Reed label was picked up by 20th Century Fox for national distribution. After performing on the Birmingham TV groundbreaking “Country Boy Eddie” show Bobby moved to Beaumont, Texas in 1960. For the next five years he worked as an in-demand session piano player for a variety of recording artists. Then it was on to California where he mixed playing in Los Angeles night spots and working as a film editor, restoring classic films.

In December, 1985 Bobby played on Rick Nelson’s last recording session that included a super job on the song “You Got Me Gone.” Rick was so impressed that he asked Bobby to join him on tour. Other commitments prevented Bobby from taking the offer to join Rick Nelson on that ill-fated last tour.

By 1986 he was back rockin’ the piano. He restarted Kim records and released a string of piano pumping songs. He performed with one of his idols, Hadda Brooks, famous Boogie piano player. They became friends and she produced several of his recording sessions.

While Bobby is in his 70’s and has faced a battle with cancer, he still has found time to perform fundraising concerts near his home. He is well remembered as the Boogie and Blues piano player at the Tam O’Shanter club in Glendale and Magoos in Hollywood.

Bobby has many fans back in Alabama, including members of the Birmingham Record Collectors club. When word reached them about Bobby’s health problems one of the members, Ray Edwards called to ask if his record company could release Bobby’s music back in his home state to help out. Bobby’s son Richard provided two CDs plus one of the BRC members had a copy of a release from 1993. The result was a two CD set containing 45 Bobby Mizzell’s songs. Cargo Records provided all of the CDs, cases, and booklets at no cost and all of the money taken in goes directly to Bobby.

The CD’s are available at the new record store in Gardendale, Birmingham Records, for just $15.00 each, or may be ordered by calling the store at 205-837-0596. They will also be available at the BRC Record Show, August 18th & 19th at the Cedars Club, 2 blocks east of I-65 at the Green Springs exit, just south of downtown Birmingham.

More information: http://alabamamusicoffice.com/artists-a-z/m/801-mizzell-bobby

Monday, July 2, 2012

Terry Fell, Songwriting Man

Dora native, Terry Fell is best known for writing and recording the influential country classic "Truck Driving Man", the b-side of his 1954 release "Don't Drop It" on the RCA subsidiary label "X".  "Don't Drop It" charted #5 as a country hit. While "Truck Driving Man" took a little longer to make it's way into the limelight, it has stubbornly refused to step out ever since.

Truck Driving Man has been covered by many other artists, including Buck Owens who sang back up on the 1954 original.   Between 1962 and 2011 the song was released by more than 18 artists in English, it has also been translated into Norwegian.  Here is a sampling of Truck Driving Man, starting with the original (plays at 2.07):

Fell's first recording was made as a member of Billy Huges' band, then his solo recording career spanned from 1947 to 1964 when he quit performing but continued to write and publish songs.  Though he never had a lot of hits he was a smart songwriter who had a talent for fun, uptempo boppers with witty lyrics and innovative stylings. Here are a couple of my favorites.

Finally here is some rare footage of Terry entertaining some folks in Nashville in 1975. Thanks to the filmmaker Hans Haggstrom for sharing that with us. Sure looks like a great party!


More info: 

Larry and the Loafers Friday June 13 in Birmingham

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"HANGOUT" with Larry and The Loafers June 8th

It's time to come "HANGOUT" with Larry and The Loafers. This Friday is another second Friday night monthly Show at The Cedars Club on Greenspings Ave, just follow the signs. Come early on June 8th starting at 6:00 with free dance lessons taught by Chris Bailey and Dance Instructors from Bailey Dance Studio. Chris will also provide music for Line Dancers when the Band takes breaks between play sets.

Followed at 7:30 with Good R & R music for your Dancing and Listening pleasure. Great (dance ready) Hardwood Floor, good food and reasonably priced Bar. Tickets on line $10.00 larryandtheloafers.eventbrite.com or at the door $12.00. Please look at larryandtheloafers.com to learn more about us. You have seen in person or heard about the Fun everybody has at this show with Larry and The Loafers. Don't miss it, great new memories are made there. For additional Info call 205-261-8397 Larry

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Record Stores Are Returning to Alabama

Way back in the 1990s I predicted that digital music would turn out to be a fad and that people who truly love music would eventually return to buying vinyl.   I was sort of right.  I don't think digital music will be going away at this point but I am happy to see that the other part of my prediction is coming true.   For me, CDs and downloads are handy for checking out historical collections and identifying songs I really like.  I will then go out and try to get a vinyl copy to actually listen to.   It seems that more and more people feel the same way.
Over the past several years there have been plenty of news stories about the vinyl resurgence.  And while many independent labels never stopped releasing vinyl, major labels who had abandoned the format are now pressing limited vinyl releases as well.

Record collectors, who have remained somewhat of a counter culture constant for the past 60 years or so have become the main movers behind vinyl's resurgence.   Many have formed collector clubs that host record shows and share their musical obsessions through radio shows, fanzines and blogs.

Collector labels like Sundazed and Norton among many others, have reissued rarities and made a huge catalog of vinyl available for those who don't have the luck, commitment or funds to get original copies.

Sadly, many independent record stores were not able to make it through the dark days when practically everyone carted their vinyl collection out to the trash.  Many who did survive have struggled but the tide is finally turning in their favor.

Since 2007, we have Record Store Day, an annual event designed to celebrate independent record stores with limited edition vinyl releases of all kinds.  And a whole new generation of USB turntables make it easy to create personal digital versions from vinyl to email to friends or play on that morning jog with the iPod.

Another funny thing is happening - people are actually opening new record stores and two have appeared in Alabama this year.  Again collectors are at the forefront of this trend. In April, vinyl collector Keith Glass opened Mobile Records at 140-B S. Sage Avenue in Mobile.

On Monday, July 2nd Jack Wilson and Ray Edwards will be opening their store Birmingham Records at 1103 Main Street in Gardendale.   At 8:30 that morning there will be a grand opening complete with refreshments and the Mayor of Gardendale officiating at the ribbon cutting.  So get there early to enjoy a doughnut and the ribbon cutting before you go shopping for some groovy treasures.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Alabama Record Collectors Association Record Show 2012

Photo by Jerry W. Henry
 It was an exciting weekend for music lovers at the Bessemer Civic Center where the ARCA's (website: http://alabamarecordcollectors.org/)  annual record and CD show was held on May 18 and 19.   The majority of offerings were vinyl of all formats - LPs, 45s and 78s, collector CDs were also well represented.

Photo by Jerry W. Henry
The great selection of music at affordable prices which made it well worth the trip.   Every year ARCA recognizes someone who's contributed to the local music scene at the show.  This year's  honoree was Birmingham DJ Lee Masters (read about him here).

Photo by Jerry W. Henry

The great thing about this show is that many of the sellers are from Alabama and have sections dedicated to music by Alabama artists. Also available were CD compilations of great Alabama garage band music on Cargo Mining Company Records label (http://www.cargorecords.net/).

To me record shows are so much fun because of the wild card factor - you never know what you'll turn up.  But it was a first when I pulled out a copy of "Unitar Rock" out of one of David Morrison's boxes of 45s and noticed that the original owner had writer her name "Sylvia Parker" in ink on the label.  I showed it to David,  told him my name was already written on the record and he threw it in for free!  

I always discover a great record by Alabama artists that I'd never know about before.  This show's find was "Meet Me In The Barnyard" released in 1958 by Phil Cay and The Blue Notes.  Seller, Joe Reddick informed me that the sax player on the record, Vince Oliver cuts his hair at his barber shop in Woodlawn.  The shop is kind of legendary and if you find yourself needing a trim in the Birmingham area check it out (http://www.bhamwiki.com/w/Hippodrome_Barber_Shop_)  Phil Cay now lives in Florida - here's his website: http://philcay.tripod.com/

You can hear Meet Me In The Barnyard on YouTube:

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Larry and the Loafers at the Cedars Club April 13, 2012!

FRIDAY NIGHT, APRIL 13 th, 2012, Doors 6:00, Music 7:00.

Appearing on Friday April 13th, 2012 at The Cedars Club in Birmingham!

Get tickets at: larryandtheloafers.eventbrite.com

More info:  http://www.larryandtheloafers.com/

Larry and The Loafers Show Band will be performing at The Cedars Club just off Greensprings Ave. This will be our first show since re-creating Larry and The Loafers after our successful show at Workplay last November with over 180 dancers and listeners enjoying good Rock and Roll music. We have reserved The Cedars Club for the second Friday of each month for the next 8 months starting with our April Show. This all new 7 piece band will be playing 60s and 70s music for your dancing and listening enjoyment. Dale Serrano Jr. on drums and vocals, Reggie Stokes on vocals and lead guitar, Frank McAnnally on vocals and keyboards, Ken Bonham on sax and flute, Ron Barbee on bass and vocals, Ginger Barbee on lead vocals and backup, and me on lead vocals and backup. At shows in the future we will be inviting guest singers and musicians from the past to perform again on stage with Larry and The Loafers.

The Cedars Club has a very smooth and very large hardwood dance floor. We will have food available, gourmet chef Tim Wright the manager of the club will be offering up gourmet hamburgers and onion strings and a reasonable priced Bar. This is a non smoking venue however we have an area just outside for those that do smoke. If you are not familiar The Cedars Club, please check out their website at The Cedars Club .com it is a great place to party. Think about it, finally a place to go, safe, non smoking, excellent food, reasonable priced bar and live music performed at a volume that you can enjoy and don't have to shout to talk with someone. What a novel concept. So get on your dancing shoes, bring all of your friends and I promise you a night filled with great memories.

For purchasing tickets go to larry and the loafers.eventbrite.com, this site has info and a map of the location, we recommend purchasing tickets on line to avoid delays at the door. You may also buy tickets at the door if available. Please look at larryandtheloafers.com or larry and the loafers on Facebook. If you have any questions call 205-261-8397. PLEASE PRINT the attached poster on this email and put it on your fridge so you don't forget and miss this show. Thanks to all of you for your continuing support of Larry and The Loafers. Larry

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Lucky" Joe Almond and His Hillbilly Rockers

"Lucky" Joe Almond was a great, though obscure, country singer.  He seems to be better known in Europe than in the US considering that some of the most extensive Internet documentation of him is at Wikipedia in German.

Hailing from Wedowee, Alabama Lucky Joe had a short, four year career during which he recorded several transitional country/rock and roll songs on the Trumpet and Globe labels.  It seems that the effort to bridge that gap was most intentional with his backing band renamed from "the Georgia Peach Pickers" to '"Lucky" Joe Almond and His Hillbilly Rockers' for the 1954 release of "Gonna Roll and Rock" and "Hickory Nut Boogie".  The record was released on August 7, 1954 - a few weeks after Elvis Presley's first Sun release, "That's All Right". 

Special thanks to Kevin Nutt for the heads up on Lucky Joe.

More information: http://alabamamusicoffice.com/artists-a-z/a/2715-almond-qluckyq-joe

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Shadows - All County Sock Hop March 3, 2012 in Northport.

The Shadows are back, thanks to Dennis Hambright who asked the 1960s Northport garage band to get back together and play at the TCHS Alumni sock hop in 2011.  Over 750 people attended and the band is back playing this year's sock hop as well as other events (you can check their website http://www.theshadowsband.com/ for updates). 

Here is a video of their 2011 performance:

For more information on the Shadows see: http://alabamamusicoffice.com/artists-a-z/s/2710-shadows-the

All County Sock Hop on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/328926620464594/

Monday, February 13, 2012

Bassmen and Ramblers Feburary 18 in Birmingham

Two 1960's Birmingham garage bands, The Bassmen and The Ramblers will play a benefit show on February 18, 2012 at Park Lane located at 2117 Cahaba Road. Mountain Brook, AL 35223. Doors open at 6:30 and The Bassmen will play 7:00-8:00 and again from 9:15 to 10:00 and the Ramblers will play from 8:15 - 9:00.  Tickets are $60 per person and includes food. Proceeds will go to Children's Harbor in the memory of Sperry Snow.  Snow was a high school classmate of the Bassmen and board member for Children's Harbor who passed away last year.    To attend: RSVP to Ellen.philips@childrensharbor.com. Note that seating is limited.

The Ramblers, left to right: Johnny Robinson (seated), Chip Sanders, Chris Convey, Tommy Terrell and Van Veenschoten
Now in their 50th year, The Ramblers current lineup includes three original members: Tommy Terrell, vocals and guitar; Eddie Terrell, vocals and bass guitar; Johnny Robinson, drums and Jim Burford vocals and guitar; John Livingston, keyboards and vocals.  The group was formed in 1961 by brothers Tommy and Eddie Terrell with Chris Covey, Johnny Robinson, drums and Van Veenschoten lead guitar and Chip Sanders, keyboards.   Van Veenschoten was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1972 and Chip Sanders currently lives in Jackson, MS.  Later members included Chip's 11 year old brother, John Lee Sanders who sang and played harmonica and vocalist Vicki Hallman.  The group hopes to release a 50th year CD and record release as well as a Christmas CD with The Bassmen later this year.

The Bassmen playing live in Birmingham 1963
In 1962; five eighth graders from Birmingham. Alabama, Tommy Allison (drummer) Mike Easter (guitar) Rob Hackney (clarinet) Bert McTyier (sax) and Tommy DeBuiys (piano) came together to form "the Churchkeys". Soon, McTier and Debuys left, Hackney picked up the giutar and they were joined by Charles Feldman (singer) and Chuck Butterworth (bass). The band changed its name to The Bassmen in 1964 and began playing at sock hops, cotillions and other local venues. More changes came as Butterworth left to play with another local group and Easter picked up the bass. In addition, the band was joined by Vaughn Rives (rhythm guitar) and Steve Gilmer (keyboards). By this time it was 1965 and The Bassmen were in demand for college fraternity parties and other regional engagements. As graduation neared, the career paths of each member would take them in different directions and The Bassmen went their separate ways in June of 1970. It was not until 16 years later on the occasion of their 20th high school reunion that The Bassmen were reunited to play. After that, it didn't take long for the group to regain its momentum and popularity and today The Bassmen are still going strong, playing the same great music that brought them together back in 1962.

The Ramblers will also be playing at the 50th year reunion of the Ramsay High School class of 1962 in May 2012.

On August 18, 2012 both The Bassmen and The Ramblers will have their 4th annual show at Workplay in Birmingham.

For more information visit the bands' official sites: http://ramblersofbirmingham.com and http://www.thebassmen.com/

Also: http://alabamamusicoffice.com/artists-a-z/r/2707-ramblers-the

Friday, January 27, 2012

Northport Garage Band The Shadows Reunion Show Jan 28th

Members of The Shadows, a 1960s garage band, will be reuniting after 45 years to play a sock hop in Northport Alabama.  The Shadows used to play after Tuscaloosa County High home football games and the reunion show is sponsored by the Tuscaloosa County High Alumni Association.   The band will include Jack Bigham, Michael Thornton, Stanley Fowler, Donnie Walker, Frank Cannon and Roger Young. 

For more information see:

Tuscaloosa News Teen band reunites after 45 years to play at TCHS

Garage Hangover profile for The Shadows

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rockabilly Gems from Mobile's Sandy Record Label

Sandy Records was an independent rock and roll record label established in Mobile, Alabama by Paul DuBose and Johnny Bozeman in early 1957. It launched the careers of many artists such as Ray Sawyer, lead vocalist of Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show. "Tell Him No" by Travis and Bob became the label's first hit record in 1959.   Many of the songs released on Sandy and its subsidiary, Orange, have become sought after by collectors and reissued on anthologies. Here are a couple of my favorites for your listening pleasure.

Here's Wild, Wild Party by Darryl Vincent released in 1959.

Rockin' In The Graveyard by Jackie Morningstar AKA Jackie Morrell, released in 1959.

Click for more information on Sandy Records
Click for more information on Darryl Vincent